||RESTRICTED ACCESS|| An exhibition created and curated by Scene Not HerdDuration: 1 – 4th DecPerforming on the night are The Stoney Brokes exhibition presents individual expressions presented by a number of Scene Not Herd members. Collectively, ||RESTRICTED ACCESS|| explores the path, journey, maze, crossroads that Scene Not Herd, as 15 – 19 year olds, are facing as they enter a world of choices where decisions need to be made as to the what path to take.This exhibition explores the notion of restrictions that are often confronted by people in this age-group. Be it an age-restriction or a point system, 15 – 19 year olds are often told where they cannot go; they are presented with places, options and choices that for them have ||RESTRICTED ACCESS||.A canvas each allows Scene Not Herd access all areas via photography, words, collage, painting, sketching and mixed media. Scene Not Herd gives you open access. What path will you take?Scene Not Herd is an independent collective of young adults aged 15 – 19 years that is delving into what is on offer in the arts and cultural sector in Dublin, taking a peek behind the scenes and sharing exactly what they think online with regular reviews, blogs and articles.