Art Swap

October 20th, 2011. 
Little Green Street Gallery is hosting its first ever ART SWAP! This is our remedy to going to exhibition after exhibition and leaving empty handed. We will have the place filled to the brim with pieces looking for a new home. Were looking for all you talented individuals to bring a piece in exchange for another. Could be big, small, framed, on paper, photography, a dvd of a short film you made, a mix tape, a piece of clothing or book you made. Exchange your work, thoughts, efforts and passions. We are currently taking submissions from now until the 20th of October, we will then arrange and a showing of all the work that has been submitted on the night of Thursday the 20th of October, this will be a show open to everyone not just the individuals involved and will be shown for one night only. Then everyone who has participated will be able to take some ones work home with them.How does it work?If your interested in participating, contact us on just so we can have a head count of who is involved we will arrange a time for you to drop your piece off to the gallery (we are asking everyone make a donation of 5e to participate just to cover the costs of space rental and up keep for the night) you will then receive a raffle ticket you will write your contact details on the other raffle ticket so we can contact you even if you cant make it down to the show. every piece will have a number on the night and we will draw numbers to co-ordinate who will be taking home what on the night.